“I want to sell my home, do you recommend that I update EVERYTHING?!”

I would say this is the #1 question I get when I meet with sellers and my answer, as shocking as it may seem is…..no. Why? Well, I personally believe in getting you the biggest bang for your buck!  When I walk through your home, if I see a mostly updated home with one or two areas that are out of date and you have the budget to update them, than absolutely, please do. However, if your home is mostly out of date and your furniture and decor match it, we would need to spend some big dollars to modernize it.

So what if your home is mostly up to date and you have the budget to do some additional updates? In general, I would recommend the following: Paint, Flooring, Small things that may be broken or not functioning throughout the home. If you are thinking of remodeling, than Kitchen and Master bathrooms are the two biggest areas that you should focus on. However, please do not do the big items and leave out the little things mentioned above.  And the biggest shocker of all…. your furniture. I think furniture plays a huge role in the home, not only the pieces, but the placement. I preach this to my sellers at every consultation, a good flow is as good as gold!

If you need help with this, I would love to come out and do a consultation and show you what I mean. I think you will be very surprised!!

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