Consultation –

I can help you use what you have to make the most of your space, or I can help you with a complete remodel. The options are endless. Let’s set-up a time to discuss your needs and see how I can get you the best results! Whether you are selling, remodeling, looking to redesign your existing home, design a new home, or if you would just like some seasonal help, I will create a customized plan for you!

Full Staging Service –

Similar to a model home design, we will help you choose paint, flooring, counter-tops, etc. to create a “new home” feel. This service is great for remodeled homes that are being flipped and things along that line. With this service, we will help you design your home from the floor to ceiling.

Standard Staging Service –

This is the “middle of the road” kind of service where we can really create a customized plan for your home. We will help you create a plan for minor things such as painting, flooring, and other minor home improvements. We can also bring in new pieces to revamp the space including furniture and/or accessories depending on your needs. This is the perfect package for sellers looking to update their homes prior to selling, or for those that want to fix up their homes to enjoy it themselves.

Redesign Service –

This service is all about making the most of what you have! This is perfect for someone who has a small budget for home improvements. This is also for the DIY’er that just wants to have an expert opinion on current trends or how to put their home in the best light before putting it on the market. We will make small changes and/or bring in some accessories to spruce things up and you will be very surprised how these small changes can make a world of difference. Let me show you how!!!

Seasonal Design –

One of my favorite things to do each season is change out the decor! I love staying up with the current trends and bringing in new pieces as the seasons change. I know there are so many people out there that are like me, but they don’t always know how to create a good flow of blending the old with the new trends. I would love to come out and help you redesign your home as the seasons change.

Commercial Design – 

Do you own a business or know someone who could use a little help designing their office? Let’s set-up a time to discuss your project and budget and we will create a plan for your commercial space.

Business Brand Design  – 

Believe it or not, we can stage an amazing photo shoot for your brand! We have some incredible partners, so if you own a business, this is for you!